C. diff. Spores and More Global Broadcasting Network Welcomes Guests; Dr. Michael Stecher, Dr. Sushma Shivaswamy, and Mr. Kelly Thornburg of XBiotech

XBiotech will discuss their novel True Human approach on Tuesday, February 2nd at
10 a.m. Pacific Time,,   11 a.m. Mountain Time,
12 p.m. Central Time,    1 p.m. Eastern Time.

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This episode introduces XBiotech, developer of True Human therapeutic antibodies.  XBiotech has an exciting pipeline of product candidates in various areas of medicine.  The Company recently anounced the launch of a research and development program to develop a first-in-class oral monoclonal antibody against Clostridium difficile (C. diff. ) infection.  The Company will discuss the need for an effective C. difficile therapy, their novel approach to treating the infection as well as efficiency in their manufacturing technology.

Join guests Dr. Michael Stecher,MD,  Medical Director, Dr. Sushma Shivaswamy, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development and Mr. Kelly Thornburg, Senior Vice President of Operations as they discuss how XBiotech is pioneering a new era in the discovery and development of targeted antibodies therapeutics.



XBiotiech is rethinking the way medicines are discovered and commercialized– from pioneering ways to create safer drugs that harness our natural immunity to disease, to developing technology that enables rapid transition from discovery to large-scale manufacturing.  “At XBiotech we believe there is vast potential for next generation antibody therapies derived from natural immunity to disease.  We believe our innovation in technology and in the clinic enables us to bring our new discoveries to patients more efficiently than any other bio-pharmaceutical developer in the industry. ”