C. diff. and Clorox Bleach Germicidal Cleaners and Wipes Update

Now there’s one C. diff contact time for CLOROX entire Bleach Germicidal lineup.  CLOROX Bleach Germicidal Cleaners and Wipes update  October 13, 2016 *
  CLOROX improved disinfection claims across their full portfolio of Bleach Germicidal Cleaners and Wipes. In fact, now they’re all EPA-registered to kill C. diff in just 3 minutes.
Here’s what’s new.*
One C. diff contact time for both Wipes and Cleaners:
Now our entire Bleach Germicidal line kills C. diff in 3 minutes, to simplify your infection control protocols.
Now EPA-registered to kill outbreak-causing viruses:
Enterovirus D68, Influenza A and B viruses, Measles Virus, MERS-CoV, Norovirus and SARS-CoV
Trusted by over 2,000 US hospitals.
CLOROX Bleach Germicidal Cleaners and Wipes make it easier for you to safeguard patient environments against HAI and outbreak-causing pathogens. See why these ready-to use bleach disinfectants are trusted by more than 2,000 US hospitals as part of their infection control protocols.



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