C Diff Foundation Members Are Here For YOU Especially During the Pandemic

To Our Dear Patients, Families, and Healthcare Professionals,

To say these times have been trying is a giant understatement. We hope that you and your families are staying safe during this period of self quarantine, social distancing and limiting your daily exposures to help flatten the curve of COVID-19.

If anything is to come of this, we hope that it will be the value of hand washing, which will in turn help to prevent the spread of Healthcare-associated infections (HAI’s).

COVID-19 is in the forefront and this pandemic has majorly changed our lives. We are living through this together while healthcare professionals, across the globe, are dedicated  in developing the best possible practices for infection prevention, treatments and safety in public health.  For up-to-date COVID-19 information, please visit the CDC website:  www.cdc.gov

Be rest assured that the C Diff Foundation members continue to work diligently to educate and advocate for C. diff.  Infection prevention,  treatments, clinical trials, diagnostics, environmental safety and support to help those diagnosed with, being treated for, and recovering from a
C. diff. Infection worldwide.

Should you find yourself needing assistance with C. diff. infection information and support, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you, your families, friends and healthcare professionals to see you through, and beyond a C. diff. infection.

A huge thank you goes out from all of us here at the C Diff Foundation to the brave men and women on the front lines of this pandemic. Without you and your bravery,  we would be in a major state of disarray. Thank you for being a guiding light for us all worldwide.

Check in on your neighbors, friends and families to make sure that they are okay. Keep your spirits high and know that we will get through this together.

“None of us can do this alone ~ All of us can do this together.”