GHSP Introducing grēnlite, Its Line of UV-C Treatment Products, to Personal Vehicles. The UV-C System Enables Users to Disinfect Their Vehicles With UV-C Light that Kills 99.9% Viruses and Bacteria

A provider of mechanical and electromechanical systems for the automotive and home appliance markets is debuting upgrades in several of its technology offerings to improve vehicle safety and reduce virus exposure in cars and the home.

Grand Haven-based GHSP announced a suite of new automotive offerings to redefine safety at home and on the road.


The company introduced a dual-stack rotary and multifunction controller it said will revolutionize a car’s center console to increase safety and eliminate distractions. The two controllers enable drivers to intuitively reach down and gain control of their car without taking their eyes off the road.

GHSP also is introducing grēnlite, its line of UV-C treatment products, to personal vehicles. The UV-C system enables users to disinfect their vehicles with UV-C light that kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, including harder-to-kill pathogens such as Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and human coronavirus.

“The need to develop our technology to make people’s lives easier and safer, whether they are at home or on the road, has drastically become more important over the past year,” said Marc Smeyers, GHSP chief technology officer. “We are committed to creating highly advanced, intuitive control systems and multifunction devices that advance the future of automotives and introduce a new level of safety the world has come to expect.”

Already in use in emergency services, mass transit and commercial vehicles, GHSP is bringing its grēnlite technology to personal vehicles to help keep people safe from germs.

The grēnlite technology works by recognizing when a surface or environment has been used and automatically emitting a dose of UV-C light to clear the air or surface of harmful pathogens. The grēnlite system is connectable to a cloud-based monitoring system that provides precision control of each unit and can gather information that can be used to increase treatment effectiveness.

The GHSP dual-stack rotary and multifunction controllers utilize common core shifting technology to seamlessly combine multiple different vehicle functions into one user-friendly controller.

Key features

  • Configurable software settings that enable drivers to change feel and sensitivity
  • Built-in cybersecurity across multiple vehicle networks
  • Automatic position sensing to support safety applications and additional convenience features
GHSP is currently accelerating development on its inductive cooktop surface, which incorporates an ultra HD video screen with touch capabilities for a “totally immersive” cooking experience. Courtesy GHSP

The electromechanical system behind GHSP’s shifting technology platform also is used as a basis for its smart home offerings, including premium home appliance controls. GHSP is currently accelerating development on its inductive cooktop surface, which incorporates an ultra HD video screen with touch capabilities for a “totally immersive” cooking experience. GHSP is advancing cooking control to enable guided and closed-loop cooking to help even novice chefs create gourmet meals.


Founded in 1924, GHSP is a privately owned portfolio company within JSJ Corporation that specializes in the design and manufacturing of control systems and technology solutions for the automobile, high-end appliance and technology industries.

It has locations in North America, Europe and Asia.