Global AMR Challenge

The U.S. government’s Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Challenge is a yearlong effort to accelerate the fight against antimicrobial resistance across the globe.

The AMR Challenge is a way for governments, private industries, and non-governmental organizations worldwide to make formal commitments that further the progress against antimicrobial resistance. The challenge encourages a One Health approach, recognizing that the health of people is connected to the health and animals and the environment.

Challenge Dates

The AMR Challenge launched at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly in September 2018. Organizations can make commitments beginning September 25, 2018 until September 2019.

CDC will feature commitments throughout the year.

At the 2019 UN General Assembly, antimicrobial resistance will continue to be a priority topic for world leaders.

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Join the Challenge: Commitment Areas

Show your organization’s commitment to combating antimicrobial resistance by submitting an actionable commitment for change.

To participate in the AMR Challenge, submit a commitment in at least one of five commitment areas:

Join the Challenge

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Tracking and data: Share data and improve data collection

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Infection prevention and control: Reduce the spread of resistant germs

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Antibiotic use: Improve appropriate antibiotic use, including ensuring access to these drugs

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Environment and sanitation: Decrease antibiotics and resistance in the environment, including improving sanitation

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Vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics: Invest in development and improved access

The C Diff Foundation’s Commitment:








C Diff Foundation commits to continuing to recognize the serious disease burden and significant economic impact that antimicrobial resistance (AMR) and healthcare-associated infections place on patients, their families, in communities, and the health care systems throughout the world. As a part of the AMR Challenge, the C Diff Foundation will continue to acknowledge and share the importance of AMR stewardship programs; develop or expand ongoing campaigns at national or sub-national levels to promote and improve hand hygiene methods and compliance among health care providers; and make reliable and validated information available on antibiotic use and AMR stewardship programs, infection prevention, environment safety, and vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics across the globe to encourage best practices.

The Global AMR Challenge Launch took place at the Hotel Roosevelt in NYC on September 25th, 2018.

The C Diff Foundation’s Board of Directors:
Scott R. Battles, VP and Angelo Ortiz, Treasurer attended this important meeting to meet with world leaders sharing their passion, documentaries,  and commitment to make a difference and save lives.