Raising C.diff. Awareness Campaign

November is dedicated to “Raising C.diff. Awareness” worldwide.

Originating in 2012  the “Raising C.diff. Awareness”  is an annual global campaign taking place from villages to communities to increase awareness of this life-threatening infection.

We have made a lot of progress but still have a long way to go and will succeed with your continued effort, time, and the many levels of support you provide — we are truly grateful.

November 1st is dedicated to C. diff. Survivors

C.diff. Survivor


November 2016

Global events took place to “Raise C.diff. Awareness” during the month coordinated and hosted by the Members of the C Diff Foundation with the dedicated Volunteer Patient Advocates.

On November 4th the C Diff Foundation hosted the Inaugural Tampa Bay Community “Raising C. diff. Awareness” Event in New Port Richey, Florida.   Community Healthcare professionals, medical students, families, and friends gathered in a beautiful setting to raise C. diff. awareness.  The attendees were provided educational presentations focused
on C. difficile Infection prevention, treatments, environmental safety technology and products.     “The event provided a collegian environment for infection prevention professionals, hospital representatives and others to network and share knowledge about C. diff prevention. In addition to Ryan Bridges from our Xenex team, one of our LightStrike Germ-Zapping Robots, Nicholle, was also in attendance at the event. Nicholle can generally be found zapping germs wherever Ryan is presenting – at this event, however, she was the first one on the dance floor and made a lot of new friends while driving home the importance of hospital-acquired-infections.

The event was sponsored by Xenex Disinfectant Systems  

We appreciate Xenex sharing the event with others and partnering in raising C.diff. awareness with the C Diff Foundation.








We were also happy to meet Karen Cyr, Marketing Communication Manager
from Seal Shield    Seal Shield – Prevent Infections – Save Lives.

Thank you Karen for sharing the event with others and for partnering with the C Diff Foundation raising C.diff. awareness.



November 11th the Global C. difficile Congress hosted a free Webinar

The Global C. difficile Congress consisted of eight sessions presented by topic experts – in four hours – in one day – with goals to change the C. difficile world with a common focus; To improve C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety in the healthcare communities worldwide.


Enjoy viewing the photographs shared by the C Diff Foundation Members and Volunteer Patient Advocates from the worldwide November events.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank the many corporations for partnering with the C Diff Foundation and raising C.diff. awareness within their organizations, with their peers, with clients, through their websites, through the blogs, and within the communities.  Your efforts are beneficial and are saving lives worldwide and we are grateful —-   thank you.










Over 3k brochures distributed in November worldwide





Dr. E. DiGiovanni, DO

West Coast Florida Volunteer Patient Advocates

Nancy C. Caralla, Foundress, Executive Director

Heather Clark, N.E. Volunteer Patient Advocate




The CDC “Get Smart about Antibiotics” Campaign Takes Place Every November *  For additional information please visit the following website:







Volunteer Patient Advocate Events Worldwide: These activities have been supported
by an independent patient advocate grant from Merck & Co., Inc.