MAY 2018 Annual Global Bake Sale

MAY 2018

Annual Worldwide Bake Sale for C.diff. Awareness

You know how when you are trying to promote Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) awareness, you run into obstacles – such as information resistance and lack of concern.

We have experienced it. learned from it, and developed new roads to successfully accomplish the goal to effectively promote C.difficile infection (CDI) awareness prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support available worldwide.


The C Diff Foundation takes it to a different level to promote the message and receive the audience’s nod successfully raising funds to support educational patient programs offered,  We do this by having residents share in a common-interest event — a Worldwide
Bake Sale for C. diff. Awareness.

As a result, we witness an exchange of important information with the positive outcome of understanding how dangerous a C. difficile infection can be, how important it is to have a conversation with healthcare providers about the correct use of antibiotics to treat respiratory, urinary, and dental symptoms, and how to manage the care of a C. diff. infection in the home setting, with support sessions that are free and available to everyone needing an understanding voice able to guide families worldwide.

Who are our audiences?  They are you, they are your neighbors, they are your local health care professionals, they are the local service operators, they are students and instructors — they are every individual because C. difficile infections can be acquired by anyone, at any location,  and it has no boundaries.

C. difficile infections can be acquired and diagnosed in infants across the life-span with a higher risk involving our senior citizens and that is why it is imperative to learn about a C. difficile infection, its most common symptoms, the treatments available, and environmental safety products to prevent the spread of this spore-bacteria and to help reduce C.difficile infection recurrences.

At first the residents, health care professionals, and local service professionals show resistance to listen about how a gastrointestinal infection – that they have never experienced — can cause such tragic losses.  Once others are introduced to Kathy, Nancy, Lisa, Roy, Scott, Angelo, Tonia, Deborah, and the thousand other Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) Survivors with their families and hear their heart-breaking C. difficile infection journeys — the door swings open and the understanding takes hold.

“The Worldwide Bake Sale for C.diff. Awareness campaign was insight-based. We know that the health message alone does not work, and felt that making our message appearance-based, with personal participation it would make the educational facet more relevant to our audiences. Who doesn’t like to enjoy Grandma’s chocolate chip cookies?  Sharing, caring, and bringing it face-to-face with a blend of history is the recipe of our success in promoting C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide. ” states Nancy C Caralla, Executive Director.

MAY 2017 – 1st Annual Worldwide Bake Sale for C.diff. Awareness

Kicked Off in Florida on May 3, 2017




Renetta and Gary In Illinois Shared Their Recipes and Joined the Campaign








Thank you Volunteer Patient Advocates in
New Jersey, North Carolina, Georgia, and India. 


Through the Bake Sale Events hosted across the globe over 700 Brochures with educational printed literature
were shared from villages to cities.


“Thank You”  to everyone who shared their recipes, time, efforts, and joined the worldwide campaign promoting the importance of C. difficile infection prevention, treatments available, environmental safety products to witness the decline of newly diagnosed     C. diff. infections around the globe.