4TH Annual Global Bake Sale OCTOBER 2020


October 2020 – 4th Annual Global Bake Sale

You know how when you are trying to promote Clostridium difficile (C.diff.) awareness, you run into obstacles – such as information resistance and lack of concern.

We have experienced it. learned from it, and developed new roads to successfully accomplish the goal to effectively promote C.difficile infection (CDI) awareness prevention, treatments, clinical trials, environmental safety, and support available worldwide.

The C Diff Foundation takes it to a different level to promote the message and receive the audience’s nod successfully raising funds to support educational patient programs offered,  We do this by having residents share in a common-interest event — a Worldwide
Bake Sale for C. diff. Awareness.

As a result, we witness an exchange of important information with the positive outcome of understanding how dangerous a C. difficile infection can be, how important it is to have a conversation with healthcare providers about the correct use of antibiotics to treat respiratory, urinary, and dental symptoms, and how to manage the care of a C. diff. infection in the home setting, with support sessions that are free and available to everyone needing an understanding voice able to guide families worldwide.

Who is the audiences? 

They are you, they are your neighbors, they are your local health care professionals, they are the local Government Agencies and service operators, they are students and instructors — and  every individual in your community because C. difficile infections can be acquired by anyone, at any location,  and has no boundaries.

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