C Diff Foundation Volunteer Health Advocate Program



The C Diff Foundation appreciates and commends ALL Individuals around the globe sharing  their time to help “Raise C. diff. infection awareness.”


The C Diff Foundation Volunteer Health Advocates build awareness, help build support and provide education of C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety measures  to patients, survivors  their families and community healthcare professional centers/offices.

Our Volunteer Health  Advocates guide individuals in giving a voice to patients, survivors and their families on healthcare-related infections, informing the public,  health-care providers (hospitals, healthcare professionals, etc.), organizations of health-care professionals, the educational world, with the medical, Governmental agencies, and pharmaceutical research communities.

We provide our Volunteer Health Advocates with the necessary tools, and monthly updates to generate positive results.

Do you have a few extra minutes to share vital information with others to raise C diff. infection awareness in your community?

By becoming a C Diff Foundation Volunteer Health Advocate you will make a BIG difference and help spare others the pain, suffering, and tragedy of loosing a loved one that is caused by a C. diff. infection.

Contact our office for additional information and register today by e-mailing the Foundation your name and a valid mailing address to receive an official  C Diff Foundation Volunteer Health Advocate Packet

Thank You for helping prevent further pain and suffering worldwide by sharing
the C Diff Foundation’s mission today.



This Program Is Supported By a Global Education and Outreach Program 2019 Grant
Awarded by CutisPharma