Therapeutic FMT in Pediatrics via: John Hopkins Children’s Center

As quoted in the most rescent article released on July 29th, 2013 from John Hopkins Children’s Center :  The Hope for Cure of Childhood Diarrhea Comes Straight from the Gut………..

“Fecal transplantation – or the transfer of ‘good’ bacteria from the colon of one person into the colon of another – should be considered for all children with C. diff infections who don’t respond to two standard courses of antibiotics,” says Maria Oliva-Hemker, M.D., director of pediatric gastroenterology at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center.

The rise in refractory C. difficile infections has been fueled by the growing use of antibiotics, experts say.

“Antibiotics are lifesavers, but anytime we give them to a patient to eradicate one pathogen, there’s collateral damage, in that along with the bad bacteria we wipe off some good organisms that help keep the complex workings of our gut in perfect balance,” Oliva-Hemker says.