C. diff. Survivors Alliance Network

C. diff. Survivors Alliance Network

C.diff. Survivor

The C. diff. Survivors Alliance Network, an affiliate of the C Diff Foundation, is dedicated for providing healing support for individuals coping with both physical and mental pain, the complex treatments, psycho-social losses and alterations, and the excruciating grief with complex emotions that accompany the loss of a loved one.
We hope that you will find resources here to help you cope with, and eventually heal from, what may well be the worst pain experienced from an infection.
It is important to know that people can recover and do survive this horrific infection. There can be extended recovery time, or life-long symptoms associated with this gastrointestinal infection. There are also individuals that may never stop grieving the loss of their loved ones, but they do survive and go on to lead meaningful and contributory lives.
This site was designed by C. difficile infection survivors for survivors.

The culture here as well as on our forum is one that recognizes and respects the courage and resilience of survivors at all stages of their personal journeys. We appreciate your stories of how a C. difficile infection touched your life, or how it effected your child’s life, and how it may have been involved with the passing of your loved one and friend.

Each story shared is a ribbon that is woven in connecting hearts worldwide. Share your story today and help others suffering through the ramifications of this serious and life-altering infection.  Add a photo to share a loved one affected by a C. difficile infection, share a memorial to remember lives lost by or from a C. diff. infection.  Your words, photos, memorials let others know that they are not walking this path in life alone.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the C Diff Foundation toll free: 1-844-367-2343

“Educating, and advocating for C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, environmental safety, and support worldwide.”