Hand Hygiene & Safety Tips When Traveling



The holiday season brings a wealth of travelers to the roadways, railways and the sky. 

When traveling by Car –  and planning on traveling a long distance remember the following:

Make sure the vehicle is in good mechanical shape for the trip. Try to have a mechanic check belts, hoses, and look for any worn parts before heading out on the roadway.  Registering with a Auto Club can add money saving benefits, too.
Begin the trip with a full tank of gas, check the tire pressure and fill up on wiper fluid before you set out.
Wear seat belts.
Never drink and drive. ALWAYS have a designated driver.
Be well-rested and alert for the trip.  
Follow all road signs and use caution in work zones.
Avoid distractions like eating, loud music and cell phones – utilize rest-stops along the way.
Observe all speed limits.

Make frequent stops and rotate drivers during long trips. When feeling tired, stop and get some rest.

Be respectful of other motorists.
Don’t follow too closely behind other vehicles.
Make sure the vehicle’s headlights, taillights, signal lights and windows are clean before you set out.
Turn on your headlights as dusk approaches.
If you have car trouble, pull off to the side of the road, engage hazard lights, and call for help.
Keep an emergency preparedness kit in your vehicle at all times. This should include water, snacks, a flashlight, a first aid kit, extra cash, jumper cables, small tools, flares, blankets and anything else that would be essential for you if you became temporarily stranded.

When Traveling by Train, Bus or Plane:

When traveling with a large number of people by mass transit additional safety precautions must be taken. Remember to protect yourself against the seasonal FLU. Being vaccinated against the FLU is an option. Speak to your healthcare provider about receiving a FLU vaccination.  if you have been in close contact with someone who has a cold or FLU – it may be in your best interest to consider postponing the trip.

Everything someone touches has been touched by someone else. Handle your own belongings as much as possible, rather than having others handle your things. WASH HANDS OFTEN with soap and water x twenty seconds before/after eating, before exiting the restrooms, before/after diaper changes, after visiting gift shops and/or shopping and whenever possible.
Carry anti-bacterial/germicidal wipes and use them to wipe hands and rub down surfaces like armrests and tabletops. 
If possible – try to bring your own pillows and blankets.
If you have to cough or sneeze please use a tissue, turn away from others, use the inner part of your arm to prevent spreading germs
Always try to avoid touching your face and eyes

Have a safe and pleasant journey and STAY SAFE