Nation’s First Fecal Transplant Stool Sample Bank Opens


Grad students at MIT have created and started the Nation’s first stool sample bank.

“Enter OpenBiome, which provides $250 samples to hospitals from screened patients, and has sent more than 135 such “preparations” to 13 hospitals since September; the samples are currently exclusively used for the treatment of C. diff.

For additional information on OpenBiome, please click on this link to their website.

What does OpenBiome do?

We work with clinicians to make FMT easier, cheaper, safer and more widely available. We do so by providing hospitals with screened, filtered, and frozen material ready for clinical use. This service eliminates the time, staff, protocols, and facilities needed to screen and prepare material from new donors for each treatment. With OpenBiome, all that’s needed to deliver FMT is a doctor and an endoscope.

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