Summit Therapeutics Obtains Patent Protecting Its Novel Antibiotic Ridinilazole, A Treatment For C diff Infections (CDI)


Summit Therapeutics has won a key patent protecting its novel antibiotic, ridinilazole, for the treatment of infections caused by the Clostridium difficile hospital superbug.

The patent will grant Summit exclusivity in Europe for the use of ridinilazole in the treatment of CDI until at least 1 December 2029, following similar protection in other major markets, including the United States and Japan.

The patent grant and its emergence from a period of opposition meant it was now effective in all major markets.

Chief executive Glyn Edwards said: “The robust patent portfolio for ridinilazole, together with the strong Phase 2 clinical data showing statistical superiority over vancomycin, the current standard of care, further strengthens the potential commercial value of this novel product candidate in the treatment of CDI.”

With between 0.45m and 0.7m cases of CDI in the US annually, there remains great demand for better treatment of the infection.

Top-line results from a Phase 2 proof of concept trial reported in late 2015 showed that ridinilazole, an orally administered small molecule antibiotic, was statistically superior to vancomycin, the current standard of care, in the endpoint of sustained clinical response.

SCR was measured as cure at the end of treatment and no recurrence of CDI within 30 days of the end of treatment.

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