Researchers At Kingston General Hospital (Canada) Have Developed A Synthetic Alternative To Fecal Transplants

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It’s one of the most common infections patients can get while receiving care at a health care facility. C-difficile outbreaks in hospitals can be problematic and expensive to deal with. They can also be potentially lethal for anyone contracting the bacteria.

Dr. Gerald Evans is the head of infectious diseases at KGH. He says the hospital hasn’t had a C-Difficile outbreak since 2012 and KGH has one of the best disease and infection control records in the province.

“We’re seeing C-Diff less in hospitals but we are seeing more Clostridium Difficile infections arising in the community.”

Recurrent C-Diff becomes a challenge and part of what Dr. Petrof’s research work is about, is actually, being able to treat those people successfully.”

One way of treating someone with C-Difficile is through a fecal transplant. The healthy stool reintroduces the good bacteria the body needs in the bowel.

“This is what we call the robo-gut it’s a anaerobic hemostat and we can grow microbial communities in here.”

And it’s in that mechanical gut that  Dr. Elaine Petrof and her team of researcher’s have developed a synthetic alternative to fecal transplants called “Repoopulate”.

“We took a healthy donor and we isolated the bacteria from the stool of that healthy donor and pulled out the good bacteria or the ones that we thought would be beneficial to use in the transplant.”

“Funding from the National Institute of Health will allow Dr. Petrof’s team to continue their human clinical trials and prove what they believe.

That the synthetic repoopulate is safer and more effective. ”

“We think that it will be safer you know just because you know what you’re dealing with. There’s no danger of pathogens, viruses and things like that being mixed in.”

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Petrof says if their research progresses as expected “Repoopulate” could be approved for use in about a years time.


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