Researchers Evaluate Isolation, Safety, Probiotic Property of a Novel E. thailandicus Strain, d5b With Effective Antimicrobial Activity Against C. difficile


Authors: Tinghua Li 1Lin Lyu 1Yan Zhang 1Ke Dong 1Qingtian Li 2Xiaokui Guo 3Yongzhang Zhu 4

Colitis induced by C. difficile is one of the most common and costly healthcare-related infections for humans. Probiotics are one of the most promising approaches for controlling CDI. Here, we presented the isolation, safety, and probiotic property evaluation of a novel E. thailandicus strain, d5B, with effective antimicrobial activity against C. difficile.

Strain d5B showed strong bactericidal effects on at least 54C. difficile strains. Safety tests showed that strain d5B was sensitive to clinically important antibiotics, and had no haemolytic and cytotoxic activities. Whole genomic analysis showed strain d5B only contained one aminoglycoside resistance gene located in the chromosome. Moreover, d5B was devoid of functional virulence genes. Finally, strain d5B exhibited probiotic properties, such as tolerance to the gastrointestinal tract, and adhered well to HT-29 cells. In conclusion, the E. thailandicus strain d5B should be investigated further for useful properties as a novel candidate probiotic for controlling CDI.


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