New Years Goals vs Resolutions

Instead of New Years Resolutions – try to set reachable goals and avoid the disappointments.  Here are some helpful tips from healthcare counselors:

When setting goals, don’t forget to develop the action plan with deadlines,
The art of setting goals properly is so that they are in a good position to reach them.

Write the goals down and include each action needed to accomplish the goal. One suggestion after this list has been created – sit with another person who has no knowledge of what you want to accomplish and review each step. The reason for this is if someone else reads the steps and does not understand what to do or seems confused, then that is a a good indication that the steps are not complete or need adjusting.

The next step is to set a specific date for each step – this is important because it helps in moving forward and reaching the goal defined. The more progress made within a short period of time the better.

Constant forward momentum helps keep the actions on track and displays tangible proof that the plan is working.This plan will be accomplished and appreciated as you enjoy the New Year, recognize the success rather than setting a resolution that may never be achieved.

Celebrate the New Year with a new beginning never looking back because you are not going that way.

Have a very happy New Year with a positive new you.