International Volunteer Day – Thanking CDF Volunteers Raising C.diff. Awareness World-Wide


To every CDF Volunteer, on behalf of all the staff, and the thousands of members across the country, we want to say THANK YOU!

Your continued support and efforts contribute in a significant way to our mission of educating, and advocating for C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety awareness world-wide.

November marked our second year in “Raising C. diff. infection Awareness” campaign and we thank the many organizations who supported and contributed by sharing information to others.  We are all working toward a shared goal in witnessing a reduction of newly diagnosed C. diff. cases and “None of us can do this alone…..all of us can do this TOGETHER!”

On this day we celebrate International Volunteers Day,  it also stands as a reminder that our daily work sharing information, educating, and advocating for C. diff. infections, is not only critical,  it is urgent.  We do not know when new interventions to prevent, to treat, and products to eradicate C. diff. spores, will become available to the public.  The good news is that we do know that there are many positive interventions presently in clinical trials, which give us all HOPE.  (Visit the website for updates and feel free to inquire if you would be considered a candidate to participate in an ongoing clinical trial).

This is why acts of sharing the C Diff Foundation literature during every opportunity quickly opens doors of knowledge helping others learn how to prevent acquiring this painful and life-threatening infection, treatments available, and disinfecting products with EPA registered     C. diff. kill for environmental safety … will help save lives.

As a sign of our deep appreciation for all you do for the Foundation, we share this digital 2015 calendar filled with best wishes for good health, strength, happiness, and the reminder that we are always available 24/7/365 for answers and support.  Remember, we are only a phone call away 1-844-FORCDIF








Volunteers of the C Diff Foundation have a special connection and are kept in highest regards.

On this day, and throughout the year ahead, we want you to be confident that your Volunteer Membership in the Foundation is bringing important information out into the communities and throughout the world through the educational brochures, cards, letters, and from sharing your own personal experiences with others.  Please be sure to share your journey with others in need of HOPE” on the C. diff. Survivors Alliance Network website

If you would like to obtain additional 2015 calendars, to share with others in your community, please send a email to the main office  and provide us with a physical mailing address.

Your continued donations received during the year are always appreciated. Your gifts assist the Foundation in promoting C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety education, and advocacy to healthcare professionals, families, patients, and communities world-wide.  We are grateful for your assistance, dedication, and support and we hope the Foundation has also been helpful to you.  If you have any suggestions about how we can serve others better or share the information more effectively, please let us know.  You are welcome to email, telephone, or write to the Foundation at any time.

We certainly look forward to your continued CDF Volunteer Membership in the Foundation.  There is so much more that needs to be accomplished and we continue to move forward together promoting our mission, which is entirely dedicated for the good of others.

May you and your families experience a happy holiday season with continued HOPE for good health, happiness, and peace throughout the year ahead.