C. diff. Global TeleSupport Network Accessible From USA and 57 Countries



Support and information sessions are for everyone especially for —

  • Families.
  • Clinicians,
  • C. diff. survivors continuing their recovery from a prolonged illness.
  • Patients working their way through any long-term wellness draining diagnosis.

All Sessions are FREE and accessible from the USA and 57 countries  *

Support is available for anyone seeking additional information with the desire to speak with others that understand the journey.

  • PLEASE NOTE *  If you, or anyone you know, are experiencing mental or physical symptoms causing pain, fever, discomfort, C. difficile symptoms or changes in a diagnosed infection, or a change in emotional behavior or having suicidal thoughts, DO NOT wait for a scheduled support session.  Contact a physician or seek medical attention at a local clinic or hospital immediately. Thank you.

The C. diff. Global TeleSupport Network program is the first-ever FREE GLOBAL patient and family educational support program developed by a U.S. non-profit 501(c)(3) — The C Diff Foundation is dedicated to educating and advocating for C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, clinical trials, support, and environmental safety worldwide.

How Does the Program Work?

(please check with your telephone carrier for calling program prior to connecting to the teleconference number provided. Verify with local phone and mobile phone carriers for long-distance fees if applicable. The C Diff Foundation does not cover expenses for long-distance fees if incurred).

  • This program is easy and convenient for everyone, especially to individuals unable to travel distances to gain support and information to improve their own health and gain knowledge of how to increase wellness.
  • Support sessions are accessed by dialing a designated telephone number provided by an email at the time of registration.
  •  Conference ID Number will also be provided and this six-digit number needs to be entered by the caller after connecting to the support conference in session.

The discussions are delivered by topic expert healthcare providers and
C. difficile infection survivors who are able to share validated and accurate information with the general public.  Each session also provides an opportunity for general topic questions and answers 1:1

*Please Note:  The Physicians, and support leaders, will not prescribe, diagnose, or provide personal medical assessment information to any individuals participating in their support session. The information provided in each support session is based on the topic being presented and in a general informational basis.  Please contact the Physician providing care for a  C. diff. Infection or any healthcare diagnosis being treated for a personal diagnostic healthcare discussion.

The telephone sessions are available across the USA and accessible in 57 countries.

Register today to gain information

  • Nutrition Counseling.
  • Mental Health Topics.
  • The Who – What – Where of a C. difficile infection,
  • Discussions on how to maintain environmental safety in a home setting,
  • General wellness information, and more.

Visit    https://cdifffoundation.org/cdiffglobalsupport/

to sign up for a free support session today.



TeleSupport Program Established 2016