Rebiotix, Inc. – Opportunity to participate in treatment cost study from C. diff. patients

Rebiotix Inc., one of the C Diff Foundation’s corporate partners, and is requesting our members to send copies of their medical bills (pharmacy, clinic and hospital bills) for treatment related to recurrent Clostridium difficile infection (more than two episodes of C. diff.). 
Please note on the bill which number episode of C. diff this treatment is for, such as “#3, #4), etc.
If you are interested in helping Rebiotix understand the cost of treating this infectious disease, please send copies of your medical bills to Rebiotix at:
Rebiotix,  Inc
2660 Patton Road
Roseville,  MN 55113
Please remove the following identifying information:  your name, street address (please leave city and state visible), phone number(s), medical record number, insurance carrier name and policy number, date of birth (please leave the year) and any other information you would like to keep private.
Rebiotix will not use this information to contact you and your information will not be shared outside of Rebiotix; your confidentiality will be maintained. 
Visit Rebiotix on the Web at:
*Please note – The C Diff Foundation does not endorse this product or any product and this posting is strictly for informational purposes only.