Ask Questions and Everyone takes a part in preventing infections

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During a CDC press conference on March 26th, 2014

Dr. Michael Bell, MD, Deputy Director of CDC’s Division of Healthcare Quality Promotion: To Patients and their families – during medical care – Ask Questions.

Bring a friend or family member and designate them to be the one to ask all the questions.

Politely ask or inquire with any clinician or visitor to take a moment for hand-washing prior to assessing the patient and upon entering the room,

If a Urinary indwelling catheter is in place: Ask how long it will be needed and on the second day ask if it can be discontinued.

Testing:  Have any tests been performed to determine the correct antibiotic is being utilized to treat the named and known infection.

Be proactive in your healthcare and the healthcare of your loved ones.

Patients please become involved and prevent infections by washing your hands and often. Everyone is part of preventing infections while delivering and receiving care.

Here’s to everyone’s good health!