Seeking C Difficile Patients in the UK for a Pilot Testing Process Interview


PharmaQuest is a medical translation company that organizes the translation and linguistic validation of patient questionnaires. We also review English questionnaires to make them suitable for use in other countries.

We are currently reviewing a short patient questionnaire for use in the UK (from its original US English). This questionnaire is designed for individuals who have had Clostridium difficile associated diarrhea. We are looking for participants who would be willing to participate in our pilot testing process by taking part in a short interview.

The pilot testing (linguistic validation) is done to check the suitability of our text for use in the UK by interviewing five native speakers of UK English who have had CDAD during the past 1 year.Our aim is to assess whether the text is well phrased and suitable for use in the UK. We will ask respondents whether the text is clear for them and what they understand it to mean.

The interviews will take place during April 2014 at a location and time to suit each respondent (we are based in Oxfordshire but can travel).

Respondents will receive £50 for their time (approx. 30-45 minutes). Anyone who would like to take part or who would like any further information can contact

Fiona Miller on 01295 669088 or