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Banatrol® Plus with Bimuno Prebiotic For Diarrhea

Advertised Product Available: Banatrol Plus formulated to provide nutrients for the dietary management of diarrhea without medication.

To treat diarrhea associated with a C. difficile infections, G. I. virus, and Flu  * * Always discuss and seek medical advice from a Healthcare Professional/Physician prior to adding any supplements or over-the-counter medications    *  Medical Food *


Banatrol® Plus with Bimuno Prebiotic for Diarrhea

Banatrol Plus is specifically formulated to provide nutrients for the dietary management of diarrhea without medication.

A dual acting combination of natural banana flakes and prebiotic to control the severity and length of time patients suffer from diarrhea while enhancing the good bacteria in the gut. Banatrol Plus does not affect gut motility and will not cause constipation so it can be used as soon as C difficile is suspected.

Conditions: For the dietary management of diarrhea caused by infectious disease and flu, antibiotic induced diarrhea, C difficile  tube feeding associated diarrhea and chemotherapy induced diarrhea.

Gluten Free
Can be used orally or through a feeding tube.

Medical Food.
Banatrol Plus is a medical food. Use under supervision of a qualified medical specialist.


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Banatrol Plus is now available in Pineapple Banana – a tasty way to fight diarrhea. By Home Delivered

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Probiotics and Timing Is Everything

Natural probiotics

It is best to take live culture Probiotics on a full stomach, (after a meal)  per Microbiologist Francine Mondou.

Reasons being the gastric pH environment in the stomach is less acidic and allows probiotic strains to survive for at least 2 hours in gastrointestinal system with a pH of 4.0.

**    Also take Antibiotics 2 Hours before or 2 Hours after  ingesting Probiotics due to the fact that antibiotics can make the  Probiotics less effective. *****


Source: acne.org