C. difficile; A Preventable Infection Resulting In Personal Losses









The C. difficile infection is a preventable infection, and more than 14,000 individuals die each year from or with the involvement of a C. difficile infection.

In eight hours time – it claims 13 individuals in America. 13 people will have died from a preventable infection.

While attending a “Raising C Diff Awareness” Conference you will listen to various presentations from world renown topic experts presenting on the many topics pertaining to  C. difficile prevention, treatments, and environmental safety. During the conference you will learn something important. Then the day after the conference we will all return to work and on that day we will remember those 13 individuals – we will remember the 14,000 + people nationwide.

Your skills, your passion is instrumental in saving their lives.

Remember:  None of us can do this alone…..all of us can do this TOGETHER!

Thank you and we look forward to meeting you at the

upcoming “Raising C Diff Awareness” conferences.

Nancy C Caralla
Executive Director of the C Diff Foundation