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C. diff. Global TeleSupport Network Adds New Session For Caregivers










Family members, Significant others, Friends, and individuals certified in being a caregiver, take on so much caring for individuals diagnosed with a C. difficile (Clostridioides difficile, CDI, C. diff. ) infection – from cooking and cleaning to managing medications, and managing doctor appointments. Doing it all for someone you care about can be beautiful and fulfilling, but it can also cause fatigue and feelings of guilt or worry. “When I can’t be there, are they safe?” “Do they have what they need?” “Are they lonely?”

As our population ages and the number of those with severe health issues increases, more caregivers find themselves in similar situations, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

Research shows us that caregivers need to take proper care of themselves to ensure proper care for others. At C Diff Foundation we’ve developed a special C. diff. Global TeleSupport session for caregivers around the globe.  The program is accessible from 57 countries and along with the Nutrition and Physician support available, the caregiver session will enable individuals caring for those diagnosed with a C. difficile infection (Clostridioides difficile, C. diff., CDI) practical and valid information to support their efforts and dedication.   You can attend all sessions offered for free to learn more about compassion fatigue, preparing for care, taking care of yourself as a caregiver, and how to prepare for extended time away from your loved one. We hope you find this support session as we reach out to the care-team making a difference in the support of individuals diagnosed, being treated for a C. diff. infection, experiencing recurrent Clostridioides difficile infections, and the recovery phase.

“None of us can do this alone ~ All of us can do this together.”
~ C Diff Foundation


Monday, April 27th – 6:00 p.m. EST Leading Gastroenterologist’s Caterina Oneto, MD & Paul Feuerstadt, MD Host C. diff. Global TeleSupport Network

MONDAY,  April 27th   –  6:00 p.m. EST
Hosts and Co-Directors

Doctors Caterina Oneto, MD &
Paul Feuerstadt, MD


Topic:  Doctors Oneto and Feuerstadt will discuss C. difficile Infections; The What, Where and How.  There will be opportunities to ask a  brief question to the physicians.  We appreciate Dr.’s Oneto and Dr. Feuerstadt for donating their time to discuss C. difficile Infections and to provide information regarding prevention, treatments available, and environmental safety products available.   Join Dr. Oneto and Dr. Feuerstadt’s session hosted on the fourth Monday of each month.
Via: Teleconference Call:  1 – 646 -927 – 0297   Conference ID:  123560#
3:00 p.m. PT     4:00 p.m. MT     5:00 p.m. CT    6:00 p.m ET

NOTE:  The Physicians will not prescribe, diagnose, or provide medical assessment answers to any individuals participating in their support session.  Please contact the Physician providing care for a C. diff. Infection or other diagnoses that are being treated.    Thank you.



Support and information sessions are for everyone especially for —

  • Families.
  • Clinicians,
  • C. diff. survivors continuing their recovery from a prolonged illness.
  • Patients working their way through any long-term wellness draining diagnosis.

All Sessions are FREE and accessible from the USA and 57 countries  *

Support is available to anyone seeking additional information with the desire to speak with others that understand the journey.

  • PLEASE NOTE *  If you, or anyone you know, are experiencing mental or physical symptoms causing pain, fever, discomfort, C. difficile symptoms or changes in a diagnosed infection, or a change in emotional behavior or having suicidal thoughts, DO NOT wait for a scheduled support session.  Contact a physician or seek medical attention at a local clinic or hospital immediately. Thank you.

The C. diff. Global TeleSupport Network program is the first-ever FREE GLOBAL patient and family educational support program developed by a U.S. non-profit 501(c)(3) — The C Diff Foundation is dedicated to educating and advocating for C. difficile infection prevention, treatments, clinical trials, support, and environmental safety worldwide.