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Clorox Healthcare Bleach Germicidal Cleaners EPA Registered to Kill C. diff. Spores in 3 Minutes





Clorox Healthcare Bleach

Available in Wipes and Solution to meet the needs of facilities and families…….

  • FAST: EPA–registered to kill C. difficile spores in 3 minutes* — the fastest contact time available.**
  • PROVEN: Supported by clinical studies to reduce transmission of C. difficile spores.
  • RECOMMENDED: Meets CDC, SHEA and APIC guideline recommendations for killing C. difficile spores.
  • EFFECTIVE: A leading US hospital reported saving up to $203,000 in costs associated with treating C. difficile infections.




C. diff. Infection Support and Information Available

Do you have questions about a                          C. diff.   infection?

Call 1-844-FOR-CDIF  (367-2343)

And speak with a information specialist for          assistance regarding  C. diff. infection prevention, treatments, and environmental safety products available.



* Disclaimer:  Please do not cease in seeking medical treatment and medical care if any C. diff. symptoms are noticed or continue. Please see your Primary Care Physician or go to the nearest Clinic/ER for medical treatment. The C Diff Foundation does not provide assessments or diagnosis and is not liable for decisions made solely based from the information provided here or through the hotline or archived on the website. The foundation does not provide ancillary assistance with travel, or lodging. Information shared is for educational use only and to raise C. diff.  awareness in prevention, treatments, and environmental safety worldwide.  Thank you