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Xavier University Researchers 2015 Study Demonstrated That By Using Launderable Mattress Barrier Cover Could Decrease the Number Of Patients Who Became Infected With C. difficile by 50%



In 2010 Xavier University researcher
Dr. Edmond Hooker began research delving into a possible link between hospital beds and healthcare acquired infections (HAIs).

It immediately became apparent that hospital mattresses have been frequently linked to outbreaks of HAI;s. Hospital mattresses are soft porous surfaces.

They are designed to allow moisture to move away from the patient to prevent skin breakdown and bedsores. However, this design makes it impossible for the mattress surface to be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using currently available cleaning products.

Dr. Hooker’s first line of scientific inquiry was to culture the surfaces of mattresses that had been “terminally” cleaned and were ready for the next patient. In 2011, the Xavier team showed that these mattresses were still contaminated with pathogenic bacteria despite having been cleaned.

Again in 2012, while investigating the use of a launderable mattress barrier cover,

Dr. Hooker showed that mattresses cleaned using traditional hospital methods were still contaminated with pathogenic bacteria.

Prior research demonstrated that patients who are placed in a bed where the previous patient had Clostridium difficile (C. diff) and/or other bacterial infections are at an increased risk of acquiring those infections.

In 2015, researchers from Xavier University published the results of a landmark study. It demonstrated that, by using the launderable mattress barrier cover in two long-term acute care hospitals (treating extremely ill patients), they could decrease the number of patients who became infected with C. diff by 50%, even when the beds of C. diff patients had been cleaned using bleach.

Another recent study, just published in JAMA, demonstrated that hospital beds are the vector for transmission of C. diff even from asymptomatic patients who had occupied the same bed and received antibiotics during their hospital stay.

It is clear that the hospital environment, especially the hospital bed, is a major vector in the transmission of C. diff and many other bacteria that cause HAIs.

Healthcare providers must find ways to ensure that hospital mattresses are cleaned and disinfected properly between patients, and that additional non-chemical measures are taken, if available, to protect patients.

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Trinity Guardion Bed Protection System Proven To Reduce C. diff., A Healthcare-Associated Infection, By 50%

NewspaperII IN THE NEWS………….

Trinity Guardion was selected by Xavier University’s Center for Innovation to present their Bed Protection System, which is proven to reduce a Hospital Acquired C.diff infection by 50%, at Healthovate! Summit on Thursday, June 11. The 2015

Xavier Center for Innovation (CFI) Healthovate! Summit is co-sponsored by Intel-GE Care Innovations™. “Trinity Guardion is the world’s only manufacturer of launderable bed covers specifically engineered to eliminate bacteria, spores and viruses from a hospital bed mattress. I’m excited to present this patented technology with over 6 years of research behind it to this esteemed group of innovators,” states Bruce Rippe, Trinity Guardion’s Chief Operating Officer.

Healthovate! Summits give healthcare leaders an opportunity to share their expertise and engage in conversations with other leaders from other industries. Trinity Guardion will also be presenting at similar events in Boston (July 31), Chicago (Oct 5), and Nashville (Oct 28). “Our mission at the CFI is to use innovation to solve complex problems. I can’t think of a more important challenge facing our society than how we keep people healthy, while reducing costs and improving overall well-being,” said Shawn Nason, Chief Innovation Officer at Xavier University. “By bringing together a diverse community of people, all committed to health, I am confident we can find meaningful solutions and innovative technologies and systems that will transform the healthcare industry—not to mention better ways to educate and prepare students to work in and lead healthcare in the future.”

Over 40 area start-up hospitals, universities, national organizations, healthcare professionals, and Xavier alumni will learn how this innovative mattress cover acts as a barrier to prevent bacteria and fluids, which can be harbored in a hospital mattress as a result of ineffective cleaning, from coming in contact with a patient. Due to its abilities in preventing viruses such as Ebola and other bacteria from penetrating through the cover, hospitals have begun to implement the covers in their infection control wards. Last year, the innovative technology of the Trinity Bed Protection System was recognized when the honorable mention for the 2014 NALTH Goldberg Innovation Award was awarded to St. Vincent Seton Specialty Hospital, Indianapolis for their use of the mattress cover in their facility.

Tested in two Midwestern hospitals, the Trinity Bed Protection System does not impede bed operation or any clinical aspects of the underlying mattress. In fact, it helps reduce terminal clean time, while improving asset life of the bed.

The Trinity Bed Protection System from Trinity Guardion makes bed surfaces cleaner for every person every time.

About Trinity Guardion: Trinity Guardion is the result of an international collaboration of scientists, doctors and academic professionals in the healthcare industry, united in the concern that hospital beds are not clean. This concern was corroborated by peer reviewed research that is available upon request. The product line includes mattress covers for most brands of hospital beds, therapy tables and pillow cases.